The upholstered products of Camerich use imported high-class birch to make the frames. Metal reinforcement technique was brought in early 2009. Camerich offers 10-years warranty for the frame of its sofa purchased after April 1, 2009, on the condition that the product has been under normal use and regular maintenance.


Camerich provides free repair for quality problems verified by quality-control unit within one year from the date of purchase. Camerich provides repair services at a charge for problems caused by improper use, if thus verified by quality-control unit.


In case the same quality problem occurs the second time within one year from the date of purchase, thus verified by quality-control unit, Camerich gives identical replacement.


In case quality problem still exists after replacement, or the replacement is not performed within promised period of time, Camerich shall take back the product and refund the customer.
Camerich will work with its dealers to establish a complete service system through which product-specific service, maintenance and problem-solving service are provided for customer benefits.


Keep the arrow head upward during transportation, and never stack for more than two layers.

Unpacking and installation

When unpacking, avoid using sharp articles so as not to damage the product inside. Take the product out with care, and find the instructions and hardware. Assemble the furniture as instructed, and keep the instructions for future reference.

Moving furniture

Before moving the furniture, check the joints between sofa legs and frame, cabinet legs and body, doors and body, and others. Empty cabinet or drawers and lock them up to avoid hurting people. When moving the furniture, lift it up to prevent the floor from being scratched or damaging the furniture legs.

Setting the furniture

  1. Place future on an even floor to keep it stable.
  2. Avoid long-time direct sunshine or heat on fabric and leather, so that the colors do not fade. Leather sofa should be placed in a dry area with good ventilation.
  3. The above principle applies to wood furniture too, as heat will make wood crack and color fade. The adequate room temperature is between 18-24 degree Celsius, and the moisture between 35% and 40%. Green plants and ornamental fish help with moisture. If a moistening machine is used, never aim the air at furniture.
  4. Never use the furniture over its capacity to avoid the deforming of doors.

Use the furniture

  1. Do not apply heavy force when opening the doors, because the action will make the hinges loosening.
  2. Keep chemicals such as acid and alkali away from furniture.
  3. Do not place sharp articles on glass-top furniture to avoid possible scratches.
  4. Do not use plastics to protect wood-top table, as the action will harm the paint.
  5. Use some protection when placing hot stuff on top of furniture.
  6. Do not jump on sofa, as this will break the sewing and damage the shaping.

How to take the sofa cover off?

Take off sofa cover requires some skills. We advise you contact your local Camerich dealer to take care of it for you. If you have to do it yourself, please follow the steps given here.

  • A.Taking off frame cover.
    • Remove all pillows and cushions first.
    • Then unzip or unbutton the sofa frame cover at the bottom.
    • Use the napped cloth provided with your purchase to cover the buttons up to avoid possible damage to the fabric.
    • Lift the cover inch by inch from the bottom up, and move towards the other side when one side is done until the cover is completely off the frame.
    • During the process, never pull hard with force as it will make the cover deform.
  • B.Taking off cushion and pillow covers
    • Unzip the cushion or pillow
    • Press hard to make the cushion and pillow bodies smaller, then take them out of the covers.
  • C.Put frame cover back on
    • Get the side of the fabric correct, and start from the top on both sides.
    • Go down inch by inch, and keep the two sides at the same pace.
    • Give special attention to the edges of armrest and back, where wrinkles are possible.
    • Zip or button the cover up at the bottom.
  • D.Put cushion and pillow covers back on
    • Get the side of the fabric correct.
    • Make sure the shape of the cushion and pillow bodies go with the shape of the covers.
    • Press the cushion or pillow bodies hard and insert them into the covers.
    • Pat the cushions and pillows to shape them up.
    • Zippers and the side with holes are to be placed backwards.

Safe load capacity

  • Glass and marble-top coffee table: 20kg max.
  • Wood-top coffee table: 40kg max.
  • Wood-top dining table: 50kg max.
  • TV cabinet: 60kg max.
  • Shelves on all cabinets including book-case: 20kg max.

Caution: use the furniture with care, sudden force may cause damage.

Fabric upholstered products

  • Vacuum-clean fabrics every fortnight to get rid of dust, in hidden areas. Use stain-remover to clean up stains, but a test on a back area is necessary to make sure it is safe. Follow the washing instruction when laundry is necessary. Dry-cleaning is required for all Camerich fabrics, and always use a professional laundry shop that has a good reputation.
  • Maintain the shape and elasticity of cushions and pillows by patting them hard once a week.
  • During rainy season, to keep fabric sofa dry, use a blower to blow the humid air out.

Leather upholstered products

  • Clean up the dust every fortnight, using a piece of soft cloth to wipe the surface. When using a vacuum-cleaner on leather, be sure to use soft head and pipe so as not to scratch the surface. To get rid of stains, use soft cloth and leather-cleaner to wipe it off. But no wet cloth or wet tissues are allowed on leather.
  • In summer time, the leather openings take in human sweat, producing odor. Use a piece of soft and damp cloth to wipe the product, and always use professional caring agent to protect the leather so that it does not crack.
  • In case of accidents such as candle drips or gum dropped on sofa, place a piece of thick cloth on candle drips, and use a hot iron to get rid of them. To remove gum, place an ice cube wrapped in plastic firm, make the gum hard, and then pick it up by applying little force.


To clean oil-stained glass top, use a little liquid detergent first, then wash the area with water, and finally wipe it dry with cloth so that no water flows into drawers. For atomized glass, use powder detergent. 

Wood furniture

  • Wipe the furniture with a piece of damp cloth in the direction of grains. For the parts that collect dust most, clean them thoroughly. If not, the dust will make the wood aging quickly. Clean up any stains as soon as possible.
  • Do not use water-soluble agent like gasoline or alcohol to wipe wood. Do not use wet tissue or wet cloth either, because the alcoholic content in wet tissue may cause harm to the paint. 
  • If cleaning is not done for a long time, we advise that you use profession cleaning agent. Take adequate amount of the agent on a soft cotton cloth to clean the furniture, and then use the other side of the cloth to wipe the agent off. 


  • Damp cloth can be used on aluminum units, but no acid or alkali detergent is allowed, because the latter will harm the surface and make the units oxidized. Hard scratches may cause the same problem.
  • Metal joints may get loosened after long time use, tightening the screws will get them back in shape.
  • Maintain the metal slide at least twice a year. Clean up the dust first, and then put in a few drops of lubricating oil in order to obtain a smooth sliding. Remember to wipe off the over-flowed oil so as not to damage the furniture surface.

Cleaning carpets

  • Use quality foam detergent or hire professional cleaning company to do the job. But remember to vacuum-clean the carpet before applying the agent, so the back or the inner structure of the carpet will not be damaged.
  • For an old carpet, change its direction of setting so the wear-out is evened. If highs and lows occur on carpet surface, give it a gentle patting, hot towel compressing or steams ironing.
  • For accidental drops of liquid on carpet, use tissue or towel to absorb as much liquid as possible, and then use a piece of cold-water-wetted sponge to remove stains. Repeat the procedures until the stain is gone. But never use salt, as it will damage the carpet. 

Where to buy?

Camerich does not sell from the factory or through internet. Our products are available at the stores of authorized dealers only. Please find the address of your local Camerich dealer under Stores.

Does leather make me feel hot in summer and cold in winter?

No. Leather is characterized to change with environment. Room temperature and body heat make it comfortable to sit on.

Tiny lines and marks are visible on my new leather products, are thy defects?

You don’t have to worry about these at all. Tiny marks are insects’ bites, and the lines are the results of density or color difference. All of them are natural characteristics, not processing defects. Camerich leathers come from ranches raising cows in pens, and these leathers have the least marks of any kind.

The leather cover of my sofa becomes loose after a few years. Why is that?

The elasticity of natural leather forms a shape up in the frequently used areas, just like new shoes will fit your feet better after wearing for some time. This is not a defect.

Will the color of my sofa fade under sunshine?

Yes. Long-time direct sunshine will make the colors of fabric and leather fade. Sunshine damages fiber, thus speeding up the color fading of fabric and leather.

Will my fabric sofa cover deform and lose color after washing?

No. Dry-cleaning is requested for our fabrics, and bleaching is prohibited. Maximum protection is thus given to the fabrics to prolong the life of them, and no deforming or color-losing will occur.

How to select a fabric?

  • Cotton and linen: soft, comfortable, more colors and patterns to choose from, environment-friendly.
  • Blend fabric: easy to wash, no ironing needed, colorful, strong and durable, elastic, good wear-resistance.
  • Wool: soft, smooth, light, normal wear-resistance.
  • The combination of fabric and leather: leather is used on the parts that are easy to get dirty but difficult to take off the cover. For the parts that your body touches and easy to take the cover off, fabric is used. This creative combination makes full use of the advantages of fabric and leather. 

How to choose wood furniture?

Wood furniture includes all-wood ones with real wood up to 90-95% and not-all-wood with only 30-90% of the real world. The former is seldom seen in market nowadays, and latter is called wooden-board furniture. All-wood furniture. No man-made board is used. High standards are applied on wood selection and furniture production. A small defect may results in big problems. Wooden-board furniture: Real wood is used on doors and drawers. Particle-board or MDF are used on top, bottom and side panels. This kind of furniture uses less wood, and reduces cost.

Camerich uses honeycomb-structured board that has better strength and stability. Imported oak veneer is used to make the surface. Our boards meet the criteria of national standards, also satisfying European requirements. Painting is performed in 11 procedures, and the refraction rate is well controlled. All our effort aims at providing safe and healthy products for customers.

What is a better filling for sofas?

Polyurethane: better resilience, soft, but not so comfortable.
Down: soft and comfortable, no deforming under normal use, but high cost.
Camerich designers put in efforts for years to find the best suitable filling method for each and every upholstered products, so that the maximum comfort can be achieved.